About Us

Who has never wanted to change anything about their own instrument?

The world of musical instruments has never had so much new to offer as it does today, whether in terms of shape, colour or sound.
Over the last few years it has become increasingly noticeable as never before how many people are seeking certain items which have contributed to the history of music.
The desire to go back over 50 years so as to hold in your hands not only a vintage instrument which has to be locked away in a safe, but an instrument which would have the features we have in mind in terms of the wood, the colour, the design of the shape, the execution and components and principally in the sound of how it was during the 50s and 60s.

Who, like me has this passion for always wanting to go back in time ?. When you pick up a “certain special” guitar for the first time and you get that feeling that “this is the one” then you know that feeling means that it’s one you have been looking for even before playing it.
My experience in years gone by of guitars, lute guitars, guitarists, concerts, experts in the field means I can help anyone on this journey who has not yet found “what they were looking for” but who would like to.