Lorenzi Custom

I produce handmade guitars and electric bass guitars to order

Neck : Maple or rosewood
Neck size : (1st fret) 21mm (flat profile) 2.5mm (round profile) 23.5mm (slightly V profile)
Fretboard radius : 7,25", 10", 12",
Fret size : small (2.1mm) medium (2.4mm) Jumbo (2.6 mm)
Body wood : Alder, ash, mahogany, sugar, pine, basswood


FINISHING or varnishing

In this area I have accumulated years of experience and innumerable positive reviews for this on the part of my customers for this service.
Among dedicated and laborious procedures varnishing is characterised by the materials used (shellac, nitrocellulose resins) in this application procedure: the latter, when possible, with respect for the criteria which applied for this at the time of origin of the instrument.
In addition the finish must be able to faithfully reproduce the finish of an instrument which features clear signs of use and ageing.
PLEASE NOTE: all finishing carried out on ORIGINAL instruments will be CERTIFIED

Guitar Care

I offer all the maintenance services necessary to attain and maintain the performance level of your instrument in line with your requirements.
Amongst the most frequent are cleaning the fretboard and the procedures linked with this (refretting, curvature adjustment, replacement of the nut (capo) etc.) and the fitting of custom-made parts.
Work on the electroniss is limited to the restoration of the original standards or to production of specific patterns where diagrams for this are provided by the person requesting this.